Set the mood indoors and outdoors in seconds

The Tablehearth

Safe to burn indoors

Isopropyl alcohol is 100% combustible, meaning there are no harmful fumes as long as the room has ventilation. If you want to learn more about how this works, click below.

Burning Isopropyl Alcohol

45 minute burn time

Burn for 50 minutes on one fill, and then let the firepit cool down naturally.

Perfect for S'mores

There is something special about roasting marshmallows, starbursts, or whatever you like over a fire. And now you can do it indoors, anytime, without your clothes smelling like smoke.

Comfort without the Smoke

Fire sets the mood

There is something about that a fire that gets people to open up, relax, and talk to one another. Whether its a romantic night in, a moment as a family, or themed lighting for a game night, the Tablehearth sets the mood of fire, without the smoke.

Review of the month

Love the minimalist design and the light it gives off. The stone does get warm, but that is to be expected. But it is safe and controlled, and watching the flames dance is something else entirely. Would reccomend to everyone!

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Fire inside

Safe to burn indoors

Becuase the fuel we use is isopropyl alchohol, as long as you are in a well ventilated space, you can burn this firepit indoors. Perfect for s'mores, date night, or your book nook.

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