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TLDR: I lived in Norway, and loved the aesthetic, culture, and language. Fjellmark means "mountain range" and I love the mountains. I also grew up in a great family and wanted to have good chats with my dad. We called those chats "fire chats". I make these firepits to help everyone, everywhere, have a good chat.

Alright, now on to the story.

Have you ever just sat next to a fire, with a group of friends, and good conversation just naturally starts?

I know, a little dramatic, but stick with me here.

Growing up, spending time with my dad was a special occasion due to the sacrifice he made to provide for us. So when he came home, especially during the winter, I really began to cherish the small moments I had with him by the fire.

He would come home, and I would have the chance to talk about the day, how crazy my day at school was, or how much gold I made playing my favorite game, World of Warcraft. 

But something really special about those moments, is it allowed me to open up to him about what I was struggling with, what I was working on, or bad situations I found myself in.

I call these little talks, "fire chats".

So lo and behold, when I grew up and get married to my wife, I found myself wanting to bring back the idea of fire chats. But we live in an apartment, and it is not so easy to bring a fire into an apartment.

I had heard about getting a fireplace installed but that was too expensive, and my landlord would never go for it.

I had heard about portable solutions, but most were dangerous or simply a candle.

So, I put my head down, rolled my sleeves, and went to work.

And that was where Fjellmark Tablehearth was born.

I lived in Norway for several years and loved the feeling that the homes there had. The people there are the owners of the Scandinavian aesthetic, a simple, elegant, and outdoors-friendly design.

So, I did my best to emulate that in my design of the Tablehearth. (Of course, my good friend Riley did most of the techy design work).

I hope you will enjoy a Fjellmark Tablehearth for yourself, in its intended use case--to help you have real conversations with friends, family, and even foes. If you enjoy Tablehearth, tell me about it. I would love to hear what a little fire does to ignite the conversation. Ben@fjellmark.com.

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