The Fjellmark™ Tablehearth™ (Large)
The Fjellmark™ Tablehearth™ (Large)
The Fjellmark™ Tablehearth™ (Large)
The Fjellmark™ Tablehearth™ (Large)
The Fjellmark™ Tablehearth™ (Large)

The Fjellmark™ Tablehearth™ (Large)

Sale price$129.99
Color:Alabaster White

Estimated delivery time: 2-3 Days from the time of order. (Not counting weekends).

We go the extra mile when it comes to keeping your package safe. Any damage to your product during shipping is covered by us. Please contact us if anything like this happens to your product.


🔥 Set the campfire mood indoors in seconds.

  • Burns for 45 minutes on a single fill (fuel is 91% isopropyl alcohol).
  • Made of lifelong lasting custom concrete mixture.
  • Wont cause any surface damage due to being on 4 heat resistant rubber feet.
  • Extinguish in a second with included wood lid
  • Safe to burn indoors as long as the room is big enough. (Rec. 400 Sq feet at least)

🔨Handmade in Utah (no machinery, actual hands).

🔒1 Year guarantee

Set the mood in any space, in seconds.

The Fjellmark Tablehearth™ (Large)  is the one way ticket to a comfortable indoor atmosphere. Due to its unique concrete blend, you will never need to worry about cracking, leaks, or damage due to its normal use.

Each Tablehearth™ is made by hand in Utah, so every single one is unique to you.

The Fireproof Guarantee

If anything should happen to your Tablehearth™ during shipping or during its normal use during the first year, we will replace it no questions asked. Simply email us a picture of what happened along with a short explanation and we will get you a new one in no time. (Meaning no extra cost to you)


Burning fire... Indoors?

Yes, you read that right.

Our fireplace runs on isopropyl alcohol. Since this fuel is 100% combustible, all you need is a well-ventilated space with enough oxygen to keep the flame burning.

Can I cook over it?

Safe for food?

Yes, outdoorsmen have been using similar fuel for years. Even the military has used this type of fuel in emergency kits to provide a cooking source and heat source in a pinch. So yes, make some smores.

What about under the firepit?

Does it get hot?

Each of our fireplaces is insulated and has a welding cloth bottom that protects your surface. After an hour of burn time, the surface under the fireplace will be warm, just like when you use a hot pad under a pot of water. The fireplace itself will be hot to the touch, so keep little hands away until it cools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping information

We currently only ship to the US, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Turns out these locations are difficult to ship concrete to.

Generally, our free shipping option takes about 3-4 business days.

Indoor burning?

Because the fuel source is isopropyl alcohol, you can burn it indoors and cook over it. Please make sure the room has good ventilation.

Any fire, if left to burn in a small space long enough (even a cigarette lighter, for example) will eventually cause problems. That is because flame requires oxygen to burn. And if there is fuel and no oxygen, harmful fumes can begin to form. Our benchmark for a safe space is 400+ sq feet and good air conditioning.

While the Fjellmark Fireplace will heat up a room by several degrees, this product is not meant to be used like a heater. Please make sure to stay with your fire while it is burning at all times.


Yes, you can! Just make sure you clean your firepit afterwords of any crumbs or other material that fell into the fire. This can produce smoke that can trigger fire alarms etc.

Taking care of your firepit

We reccomend you clean your firepit after each use by wiping it down with a wet rag. This will remove any residue where the flame touched and prepare it for its next use. Let it cool down first!

No. If you put cold water on something hot, especially concrete, it will crack under pressure. Please let the firepit cool naturally.

Customer service

Email us anytime by clicking here